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enabling, encircling, embracing, encouraging, and empowering people to create a life that fits


Creative Living Options is committed to enhancing the quality of life for persons with developmental disabilities, as well as their personal satisfaction with their services, through the provision of superior individualized supports and services provided in each person’s home and community.

Choice, individual rights, freedom to design one’s own life, and individualized supports
are at the core of CLO’s values and philosophies.

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CLO was founded in 2001 by two young men and their mothers who were determined to help people live in and be a part of their community and attain their personal goals with focus on “ability” instead of “disability.”

Creative Living Options is committed to supporting the goals of the people receiving services by providing adaptations and supports that allow people to live their lives as close to what they desire as possible.

Creative Living Options, Inc. provides Supported Living Services to adults who receive services through Alta California Regional Center. Services are tailored to provide the support needs of the individual, as described in The Lanterman Act (The Lanterman Act, Title 17 of the California Code of Regulations Chapter 3 – Community Services, Sub Chapter 19 – Supported Living Services, Article 2 – General Provisions).

5 Principles

Kings-gameThe five principles of supported living services include a home of one’s own; choice and self-direction; relationships; community membership; and flexible, tailored supports.

Circles of Support

circle-supportWe are dedicated to building Circles of Support for each person receiving services that includes family, friends and professionals chosen by that individual who are committed to a team approach.

Non-Negotiable Standards

Lori-Nishimura-and-Crystal-Andrade_Alaska-cruise-4_3Our philosophy and values commit us to non-negotiable standards in providing quality individualized services and offering choice and self-direction while insuring the health and safety of those all involved.

Want to know more about supported living services
and how to receive services from Creative Living Options?

Download our Supported Living Services FAQ (pdf) to learn more.
Download  A Guide to Single Household Supported Living Services (pdf).


I’m constantly amazed by how many things nobody ever thought the people we support could do. CLO doesn’t limit the people we support or force them to keep their thinking in a box. –support staff member

Supported Living through CLO has given Aaron a chance to live on his own, away from his parents, but in a way that his parents could feel comfortable with.
—Aaron’s father

I like CLO’s philosophy about informed choices. CLO acknowledges the complexity of making choices, and no person’s planning should be based on light-weight thinking.
—a mother

We’ve had a number of people who have worked with Michael for a long time. I think that’s due in part to the attention CLO pays to screening and matching.

I like living on my own , I love my apartment and my cat —A.T.

I like living on my own and playing games with staff. — A.R.

My home, my life — D.S.

CLO sends the best people to support me. They have become part of my family. — M.B.

I love to live alone, because it makes me feel in control of my life. —A.N.

CLO is fun, I like them because they are nice to me. — A.T.

I never had thought that Supported Living would work for my son. I thought he was too disabled. I couldn’t be happier with the way it has worked out for him.

I feel better on my own. — M.M.

I like living on my own and love that I have support when needed.  —J.H.

It’s expanded my ability to be part of my community at large. — J.A.

I feel better on my own. — M.M.

When I talk about CLO, the word ‘individual’ keeps coming up; the focus is on my daughter as an individual. With Supported Living, my daughter’s orientation to life in her community is very confident. She knows that she belongs. She wants to contribute.  —Bonnie

I like the people who help me, I like my house, I like to go horseback riding — E.P.

Learning To live independently –N.D.


Help us help the people we support!

Your donation provides funds for transportation and grocery support along with assistance for housing and moving costs, household setups, adaptive communication support, and special events such as movie nights, and holiday parties.

 Online Donation 

We invite you to make a donation to Creative Living Options through our PayPal Donate button below.  You do not need to have a PayPal account in order to make a donation.  


Thank you for your interest in pursuing a position with Creative Living Options.

Application Process

  • Read about the Personal Attendant position (pdf)
  • Email your résumé along with a cover letter to Resume or fax to (916)372-2123. Note “PA” on submission.
  • Fill out the Online Employment Application.
    Note: Application will only be accepted if accompanied by a résumé and cover letter.
  • We will contact you if we are interested in scheduling an interview.



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